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SNetTerm Production Release (Updated 12-1-2009)

Corrected a cursor display problem when connected to multiple hosts using dynamic tabs.  Under certain conditions a cursor which has been toggled off by the host application will not toggle back on when requested by the host if the user switches between host displays.

Allowed proportional based printer fonts to be selected in the global printer setup dialog.

Corrected the animation toolbar background color when the video display is set to medium
(16 bit) colors.

General maintenance.

NetTerm Production Release (Updated 12-1-2009)

Corrected a status bar display problem when using a video display set to medium (16 bit) colors.

General maintenance.

SNetTerm Production Release (Updated 10-1-2009)

Corrected a problem with a connected host, when an attempt to connect to a second host is timed out.  This is applicable when using the dynamic tab, multiple host feature.

General maintenance.

SNetTerm Production Release (Updated 8-1-2009)

Enhanced drag/drop support of Microsoft Outlook and Outlook express email messages with attachments.  Resulting drag/drop will create .msg and .elm compound document files.

Enhanced drag/drop support of internet shortcuts.

General maintenance.

NetTerm Production Release (Updated 8-1-2009)

Corrected NTLM authentication issue.

General maintenance.

SNetTerm Production Release (Updated 4-1-2009)

Corrected a problem processing input from the Far Eastern language bars.

Added Microsoft style text selection in addition to current block mode. Default can be set in the
Global Settings dialog and can be changed dynamically by pressing the Alt key while selecting with
the mouse.

Added the ability to allow multiple QuickConnect sessions per window when dynamic tabs are enabled.

General maintenance.

SNetTerm Production Release (Updated 3-1-2009)

Added drag/drop file transfer support.  Files dropped on SNetTerm will be transfered to the host using the zmodem protocol.  Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express attachments are also supported for drag/drop.

Continued enhancements for SFTP file transfer support.

Added countermeasures to mitigate CPNI-957037 style attacks on the SSH protocol's use of
CBC-mode ciphers.

General maintenance.

SNetTerm Production Release (Updated 2-1-2009)

Enhanced internal SecureFTP client support for directories containing over 50,000 files.

General maintenance.

SNetTerm Production Release (Updated 1-7-2009)

Security release for OpenSSL CVE-2008-5077

SNetTerm Production Release (Updated 1-1-2009)

Added SSH-2 AES CTR mode and arcfour cipher support.

General maintenance.

NetTerm 5.4 Production Release (Updated 1-1-2009)

General maintenance.

Changes for Vista support.

SNetTerm Production Release (Updated 9-1-2008)

Corrected a transparent printing problem when the selected printer name was greater then 32 characters in length.

Fixed a problem where the host would disconnect SNetTerm or SNetTerm would itself disconnect when switching between 80 and 132 columns on a regular basis.

General maintenance.

SNetTerm Production Release (Updated 4-15-2008)

Added Office 2007 and Office Ribbon themes.

Corrected a key definition problem when multiple hosts are connected in a single window, with different key definitions.  The key definitions were not maintained unique for each host.

Corrected a problem displaying Chinese data received in UTF-8 format while using a Unicode font.

Added a keyboard mapping file (oem850.ini) for codepage 850.

Added support for Print Screen when using SmartPrint.

Added additional support to session logging to request a filename if not provided in the host profile when logging is started using the View-Session Logging menu item.

General maintenance.

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